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It’s not that kind of relationship anymoreIt’s not that kind of relationship anymore

It’s not that kind of relationship anymore

„I think trust one another, don’t believe everything you read in the press and one main thing: don’t let fame get to your head,” Maura said on UK’s This Morning of how they’ve made their relationship work. „You just need to stay grounded.”

„Curtis and I have made the decision to separate,” Higgins wrote in a note posted to her Instagram Stories. „We enjoyed a great experience from our time in the villa and want to thank everyone for supporting our relationship.”

While they got together later than a majority of the couples in the villa, with the fan-favorite Ovie making his debut during the infamous Casa Amor episodes and India joining even later, the pair made it to the finals, coming in third place.

Shortly after winners Amber, Ovie’s BFF, and Greg announced their split, the professional basketball player and the model quietly parted ways as well. (mai mult…)